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Apprenticeships in Wolkersdorf at Fertinger

A good apprenticeship with promising prospects for young people who want to help shape the future digital world of work. We have been training apprentices since the company was founded in 1944 and now have trained over 100. However, the professions have undergone a complete transformation over time.

Don’t know exactly which profession you want to learn? We would be happy to inform you about the various apprenticeships at Fertinger in a personal conversation.

We offer jobs and training for apprentices.

You can learn these apprenticeships at Fertinger:

Tool Manufacture Technician

Tool Manufacture Technician

As a tool manufacture technician you are responsible for the design of tools with the help of computer programmes (e.g. CAD). You work with the engineering and production department to constantly improve and develop Fertinger’s products.

Metal Technician

Lehre als MetalltechnikerIn bei Fertinger Wolkersdorf

As a metal production technician in the field of cutting technology / automation technology, you are responsible for the highly productive manufacturing of our products at TOP quality level.

You use modern tools and processes in production and supervise highly complex machines and systems such as machining centres with robots.

Electrical Operations Technician

Lehre als ElektrobetriebstechnikerIn bei Fertinger Wolkersdorf

As an electrical operations technician, you are responsible for supplying our operating facilities with electricity.

You create automation concepts and maintain fully automated systems.

You help with the troubleshooting of our CNC-controlled systems and work with PLC programming.

Taster day for apprentices

Come and have a taster day with us. You will get to know our company, the employees and the working environment and can try out whether you enjoy working with robots and state-of-the-art machines! Send us an application with a short CV and let us know why you are interested in this apprenticeship.

Please give us your contact details (phone number, email) so that we can contact you for a taster day.

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Taster day for apprentices
apprentices at Fertinger
apprentices at Fertinger
apprentices at Fertinger
apprentices at Fertinger
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