Giving shape to metals


Giving shape to metals

The shaping of metallic semi-finished goods such as sections, bars, tubes, bands, plates and forged semi-finished parts to produce functional components, parts and assemblies for the automotive industry requires a high level of technological manufacturing expertise. This has been acquired and continuously perfected at Fertinger over the last eight decades.


Linked production processes
& efficient automation

  • Complex products can be created fully automatically through the linking of various production processes. Bringing together operations, machining, cleaning and assembly through to packaging enables efficient component production.
  • For example: The automated production line for the manufacturing of connectors links the sawing and machining operations with integrated monitoring and subsequent pre-cleaning in perfect synchronysation.

In-house tool shop for component production

100 % product safety &
implementation strength from a single source

Fertinger develops, designs, constructs and manufactures the required production tools itself.

  • We offer speed, flexibility and strength of implementation
  • “Everything from a single source” – this guarantees 100% product safety.

With our many years of experience in the construction of tools, Fertinger has been able to establish itself as a specialist in metal process tools and component production for the automotive industry.

The tool portfolio includes:

  • Jigs for clamping and fixing products in the machines and systems during machining
  • Stamping tools, forging dies and tube bending tools
  • Tools for tube end processing
  • Sample and prototype construction

These tools are manufactured with the support of CAD/CAM on CNC-controlled mills, lathes, grinding machines and eroding machines.

Komponenten aus Metall für Temperaturmanagement in Fahrzeugen
Komponentenfertigung Automobilindustrie aus Metall
Komponentenfertigung Automobilindustrie aus Metall
Komponentenfertigung Automobilindustrie aus Metall

Machining and processing technologies at Fertinger

Cooling systems are equipped with connection blocks for media supply and return units that are machined on fully or partially automated transfer machines – both in the aluminium range and in the brass range for battery clamps.

Thanks to the flexible equipping of the respective machining units, a diverse range of customer-specific products can be realised with high efficiency. Classic rotational-symmetric products are machined from bars on the CNC and cam-controlled automatic lathes.

Fully automated CNC tube bending machines process aluminium tubes from the coil. Three-dimensional bending and subsequent cutting, both with and without mandrels.

For tube processing on the mandrel bending machine, stock is loaded from the bar magazine. Insertion of the bending mandrel allows a uniform wall thickness to be guaranteed after the bending process.

To realise the customer-specific connections on the tube ends, the bent semi-finished tubes are expanded, calibrated and shaped in end processing machines and thus receive their final geometry.

Automatic stamping and deep-drawing processes utilising progressive dies typically process copper and aluminium alloys, but also stainless steel from the coil or band.

Customer-specific cable sockets, sheet metal holders, as well as stamp-bend brackets are classic products manufactured with this technology.

When using extrusion profile bars, these are fed to the tool from a magazine. The semi-automatic piercing of manifolds for use in cooler units rounds off Fertinger’s manufacturing portfolio.

Brazing in the flame brazing process and induction process is used at Fertinger to join aluminium components. Appropriate leak tests are carried out downstream of the soldering processes.

Aluminium welding is used at Fertinger in a fully automated process to join various rotationally symmetrical aluminium components in a helium-tight manner.

This technology brings the possibility of joining different, geometrically demanding parts for a specific application.

The parts manufactured in the upstream production processes are integrated into whole assemblies in special assembling units.

A variety of techniques are used in this process in order to ensure a form-fitting and/or force-fitting connection.

  • Technologies such as riveting, spot welding or mechanical deformation are used for these assembly processes.
  • Screws, nuts, helicoils and knurled bolts can be easily assembled using the corresponding assembly aids.
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