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Globally active TIER 2 supplier
for automotive components

We want to make a sustainable contribution in our challenging, globalised world:

  • Improving people’s driving comfort
  • Savings for operating means of transport
  • Increasing the functional safety of means of transport
  • Relief for society in terms of costs and environmental friendliness of vehicles

We see it as our obligation to offer our automotive customers products, engineering and services
that help them to successfully meet the challenges of the market and society –
“today and tomorrow”.


Synthesis of tradition, innovation and growth

Fertinger is a specialist in the development of components for temperature management in vehicles, for current-carrying or media-carrying modules and for assemblies made of metallic lightweight materials. We find the right solution for every customer requirement in the automotive sector.

Our principles: triple Z - zero accidents - zero defects - zero emissions

The Fertinger plants

Rupert Fertinger GmbH Wolkersdorf, Austria


Rupert Fertinger-Straße 1, 2120 Wolkersdorf

For almost 80 years, Rupert Fertinger GmbH has offered a wide range of technological expertise.

This is where applications for temperature management in vehicles and for current-carrying or media-carrying components and assemblies made of aluminium and copper alloys are successfully used.

Rupert Fertinger GmbH - Plant Neusiedl/Zaya


Hauskirchnerstraße 4, 2183 Neusiedl/Zaya

At Fertinger’s sister plant in Neusiedl/Zaya, extruded aluminium profiles are processed into finished components on four fully automated production lines.

The plant in Neusiedl/Zaya also offers modern workstations and a perfect logistical infrastructure.

Fertinger plant Polska, Niepolomice


Wodna 3, 32-005 Niepołomice, Polska

The plant in Poland stands for bending expertise with automated processes for mandrel and mandrel-less tube forming. All the processes required for pipe end machining for radial or axial seals are at home there.

The plant was founded in 2015 by Rupert Fertinger GmbH.

Ecological sustainability. From the beginning.

Fertinger has been committed to sustainability since its foundation. Long-term thinking in strategies and quality awareness shape our decisions. The protection of our environment is a central concern for us and accompanies all our operational activities.

With our environmental management system according to ISO 14001,
we act sustainably – certified and audited:

  • Already in the development of our products and manufacturing processes, we pay attention to compatibility with environmental requirements.
  • Our goal: the lowest possible ecological impact.
  • Resource-saving use in the manufacturing processes.
  • Economical consumption of energy and input materials, as well as minimising waste from raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials.
  • We use our technology and experience to optimise our operational processes ecologically.
  • Ongoing training of staff on environmental issues.

ISO 14001 Certificate

Fertinger - fair to the environment

The Fertinger team

Longterm experience, innovative thinking and distinctive competencies in all areas of management – that is what distinguishes the Fertinger team.

Fertinger company history

Founded by pioneer Rupert Fertinger
in Vienna. Hot water treatment equipment &
installation materials.

Production and
administration building
in Wolkersdorf

Strategic focus on
automotive components

 Fully automated production line
with robotic solution for
air-conditioning pipe components

New plant at
ecoplus business park
Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria

Takeover of
Rupert Fertinger GmbH and
part of the Innerio Group

Member of Innerio Group

Member of
Innerio Group.

Fertinger has been part of the Innerio Group
since 2019. Innovative solutions for air-
conditioning, heating & cooling in the field of vehicle mobility.

Innerio Group Website

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